Help Witchcraft Expand

There are a number of ways to assist in our initiative. For groups or individuals, start a conversation with us and we can work together to find what works for you or your group. If you want to support us but aren't affiliated, scroll down to see how you can help our witches.

Support with a Donation

Holding space for Witchcraft to develop takes a lot of people; people like you! Your donations help us continue to support fellow Witches in their practice helping us give back to every community we're a part of. Click here to donate or click the gift to see current initiatives.

Share our message

Sharing our message is our best expansion tool. The community of witches in shared practice and the extant community working together is a major way to continue our practice of Witchcraft.

Officials of TCW

These are the individuals overseeing the Church and all of it's functions. Learn about what they do and how they support the Magickal community.

Event Calendar


Any Coven or solitary practitioner can email and ask for application to the Church of Witchcraft. Media inquiries, interviews, or help finding a Coven are relevant. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response.